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Thriving School Culture Keynote Presentation (2.5 hours): 
Audience: District Leadership, Principals, School Champions and, if possible, all other staff. 
  • Introduction to the concept of Resiliency and examples of how resiliency questionnaire data will correlate to educational practices.
  • Gain firsthand knowledge and practical examples of how to create a strengths-based school environment that promotes student and staff engagement and success
District Leadership Planning Session (3 hours): 
Audience: Superintendent, Cabinet/Board Members, School District Implementation Team 
  • Outline the journey, key activities, next steps and expected outcomes for the year.
Strengths-Based Parenting Presentation (2-hr evening session): 
Audience: Parents 
  • Understand the importance of resiliency and a strengths-based approach that the school district is undertaking
  • Knowledge of how to apply a strengths-based approach to parenting and the value of working with the school to promote success.
  • Introduce Springboard Parenting as a free, online resource for school district parents in how to understand and build their child’s resilience
Principal Roadmap Session (half day): 
Audience: Principals, designates and school champions 
  • Outline the journey, key activities, next steps and expected outcomes in year one.
Onboard Education Site Staff Training (1 hour Webinar Session): 
Audience: School champions and staff administering the questionnaire
  • Go through the preparation for and process of administering the questionnaire.
  • Provide the required information and resources to administer the questionnaire
Understanding The Data (1 Hour Webinar Session): 
Audience: Principals, designates and school champions
  • Summarize how to access, interpret and use the survey results in meaningful ways. 
  • This includes reviewing the data and talking about the trends, correlations, implications and recommendations.


1. Workshops

Onboard Education provides a comprehensive process that will prepare your schools, staff and students to embrace the idea of building resilience and a culture of strengths that supports learning and character development. 

3. Resources

In order to accomplish the goals of establishing a ‘Strengths-Based School Culture’, our research shows that this work needs to be supported in the home. As such, in addition to the services and deliverables listed above, Onboard Initiatives proposes to offer (at no additional cost to the District):
Springboard Parenting (Optional): A parent’s resource for raising resilient, healthy kids. This on-line program guides parents in assessing their children’s resilience, building on strengths and addressing challenge areas that lead to lifelong success. 
Strengths-Based Parenting Publications (Optional): The District will gain access to a growing list of publications such as our Newsletters, Articles, White papers, Webinars and more as they become available. These documents and resources can be used at the discretion of the District and it’s partners (Mental Health practitioners, Parent Councils, Community Agencies, etc.). 


2. Modules

Promoting Student Success Through Resiliency (10 Module Strengths-Based Learning Series 1.5 hours each): 
The learning series is facilitated by the Principal, designate/school champion and includes 10-hours of multimedia, including videos, practical application-based articles, tools, activities, action planning segments as well as additional resources. The Learning Series comes with instruction and support to ensure that school leaders have everything they need to facilitate the series. 
Audience: Teachers, support staff, clerical and other staff
  • One stop, guided professional development resource for busy school leaders 
  • Quick and cost-effective way to develop the mindset and key leadership skills that are the foundation of a strengths-based school culture.
  • Can be facilitated sequentially during regularly scheduled lunch and learn meetings, Professional Development days or staff meetings or as a full two day training or retreat.
Thriving Mindset Training (full day): 
Audience: District Leaders, Principals and school champions
  • Provides participants with a deep understanding and practice of the most effective mental orientation that leads to excellence in leadership and personal and professional success.
Thriving School Culture Webinar Series (1.5 hours/school month): 
Audience: Principals, designates and school champions 
  • Provides a practical learning topic, question and answer period and feedback opportunity that deepens participant learning and engagement.



The scientifically validated Resiliency: Assessing Developmental Strengths questionnaire (R:ADS) is an online survey which will assess student engagement, resiliency, character, school culture and other outcome indicators important to your school. 


1. Survey

2. Results

Once the survey is completed, access to the results will be immediate.
School Resiliency Reports: The school-site specific reports are designed to guide School Principals and leadership through their schools’ Resiliency data. The reports, when combined with the training outlined above, will provide the roadmap toward Strengths-Based School Culture in your schools/district. 
School Board/Division Reports: The school board reports are aggregate reports that are designed to guide Superintendents and designates through their school boards’ Resiliency data. Along with the outstanding training and resources provided, you will be supported to achieve the objectives important to you in a way that maximizes results and minimizes effort and cost (by modifying how some time is currently being spent).


3. Strategies

Onboard Education provides proven strategies to help you and your team realize success. We guide you through an exploratory process and professional strategies to help staff and students to embrace the idea of building resilience and a culture of strengths that supports learning and character development.